Messages from the Soul

We like to look outside ourselves for the answers we seek, and sometimes even for the questions. We believe that we are SEPARATE from everyone and everything, and so we believe that someone else might have the answer…if we just look hard enough for the right teacher, the right degree, the right partner, the right…Read more »

NOW is the Time

I have spent a lot of time WAITING – Waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT Waiting to be READY, Waiting to be GOOD ENOUGH. And I have learned something that I want you to know, too: If I wait for the right time, I will be waiting FOREVER. That’s why ALL time is the right time, ALL…Read more »

Don’t Stop Now

Are you feeling it? As we head into autumn, I can feel the energy of REVIEW gaining momentum, getting ready for the CREATIVE months of winter when CHANGE is incubated. Even the weather seems to comply during September, deciding which temperature it wants to be, trying on all the outfits. I feel like the weather.…Read more »

Activate Your Spirit

If there was ever a good time for a spiritual revolution, it is now. We are so isolated from one another and from nature that we all believe we are basically on our own in the world. We can see that this is leading to loneliness, dehumanization, and despair, and we are left asking: “So,…Read more »

Retiring the Anxiety Suit

I’m in my living room, lying on the floor, speaking into a recorder. My body is full of emotion. I feel like everything is going WRONG. Everything feels slightly off. Vaguely threatening. Even the usual everyday events like getting my son to his activity, or getting dressed — it all feels very stressful and overwhelming.…Read more »

Fog Light

How will you FEEL when your future is revealed? Every moment has a radius of awareness. What you are aware of is what you feel and know in your current radius – like your range of vision in a thick fog. If, in your radius of awareness, you star in the leading role of Loser…Read more »