The Second Dart

Remember last week when I told you I’ve been practicing doing things that scare me? I’m coming to realize that what I’m really doing are things that EXCITE me! Maybe it started as the feeling of FEAR, but it EVOLVED into anticipation, and then excitement. This happened because as I began to EXPLORE my fears – the…Read more »

Finding Dinner Peace

Lately I’ve been doing things that SCARE me, every day. This might sound admirable, but really, it’s a drag. Creating your own reality is more about chipping away at the chronic, vaguely annoying decisions you make all the time that you can no longer see are hurting you in the long run. This isn’t the…Read more »

Fall to Rise

Last week I had a dream. I was in a lecture hall with a huge crowd of people. The venue was enormous, and packed full to the doors. The mood felt very excited, like this was a super big deal, although I can’t remember why now. I was in the front row with a bunch…Read more »

State of Balance

I hear the term “work life balance” all the time these days. In academic and corporate wellness programs, at professional conferences of all kinds, on the mommy blogs, and even at the PTA. Yet none of these workshops or articles feels satisfying to me. The concept seems targeted to women pursuing success, as though we…Read more »

The Space Between

My son and I love listening to MUSIC in the car, especially in the summer with the sunroof open! He likes to listen to those “music through the decades” channels on satellite radio to learn which year the songs came out. As we were doing this today, I had a thought that often comes to…Read more »

Got Compassion?

Truth be told, I haven’t been feeling very magical this week. After two weeks of travel, illness, and non-vacation “vacation” days, I have fallen into the trap of feeling sorry for myself. Can you dig? It’s in these moments that I get stuck in the flypaper of negative thinking. Focusing on everything that isn’t the way I…Read more »